Apply ASC CDL transform to image




MagickPassFail CdlImage( Image *image, const char *cdl );


The CdlImage() method applies ("bakes in") the ASC-CDL which is a format for the exchange of basic primary color grading information between equipment and software from different manufacturers. The format defines the math for three functions: slope, offset and power. Each function uses a number for the red, green, and blue color channels for a total of nine numbers comprising a single color decision. A tenth number for chrominance (saturation) has been proposed but is not yet standardized.

The cdl argument string is comma delimited and is in the form (but without invervening spaces or line breaks):

redslope, redoffset, redpower : greenslope, greenoffset, greenpower : blueslope, blueoffset, bluepower : saturation

with the unity (no change) specification being:


See for more information.

The format of the CdlImage method is:

MagickPassFail CdlImage( Image *image, const char *cdl );

A description of each parameter follows:


The image.


Define the coefficients for slope offset and power in the red green and blue channels, plus saturation.

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