GraphicsMagick Authors

The following people have contributed substantially to the development of GraphicsMagick. Please let us know if an author is missing, or a significant contribution was made and not recorded.

Active GraphicsMagick Contributors

Bob Friesenhahn

Principal maintainer of GraphicsMagick. Author of Magick++ (C++ API to ImageMagick and GraphicsMagick). Author of module loader facility, automatic file identification (magic) support, Unix/Cygwin/MinGW configure/make facility, Windows setup.exe style installer, WMF renderer, C API documentation formatter, and the C, C++, and Perl test suites used by ImageMagick and GraphicsMagick.

Jaroslav Fojtik

Authored the ART, CUT, HRZ, JNX, MAC, MATLAB, TOPOL, and WPG coder modules. Improved the FITS and TXT coder modules. VisualMagick 'configure' improvements and build testing/fixes for many versions of Microsoft Visual Studio.

Tobias Mark

Authored the HEIF and JPEG XL coder modules.

Former GraphicsMagick Contributors

Glenn Randers-Pehrson

Contributed significantly to the utilities, including writing the 'gm' utility wrapper. Authored support for JNG, MNG, and PNG formats. Provided significant support for the BMP format. Significant improvements to the documentation, including creating a documentation authoring environment based on the <imdoc> format. Maintained the SourceForge mailing lists. GraphicsMagick would not be what it is today without Glenn and he will always be remembered.

Gregory J Wolfe

Contributed significant improvements to the SVG parsing and rendering code.

Troy Patteson

Contributed a several significant patches to fix image rotation bugs and improve image rotation performance, as well as an improved bi-linear interpolation implementation.

Kenneth Xu

Contributed the implementation of 'gm batch', a simple batch mode for GraphicsMagick.

Sara Shafaei

Contributed a number of Wand API functions as well as fixes for several composition operators.

Brendan Lane

Contributed a large number of new Photoshop composition operators and alpha-channel fixes for existing ones.

Dirk Lemstra

Contributed improvements to the VisualMagick configure program to support configuring more build options via the GUI dialogs and to deal with similarly named files.

Roman Hiestand

Contributed WebP coder improvements.

Mike Chiarappa

Created and maintains the Borland C++ Builder 6.0 build environment for GraphicsMagick.

Daniel Kobras

Provided many security patches and fixes from the Debian project.

William Radcliffe

Author of the VisualMagick project configure facility for Visual C++. Author of FlashPix module. Author of the ImageMagickObject COM object for Windows. Author of the EMF, XTRN, and META coders. Significant contributions to the MSL, JPEG, TIFF, SVG, and URL coders. Authored "process" module support. Wrote the micro-timer facility used by 'identify'. Ported module loader support to Windows. Significantly improved polygon rendering performance.

Leonard Rosenthol

Authored the 'conjure' utility and associated MSL execution environment. Provided MacOS support. Authored the CLIPBOARD, XCF, and PSD coders. Postscript and PDF expertise. Significant drawing enhancements including support for dash patterns, linecap stroking, clipping masks and a mask image.

Lars Ruben Skyum

Contributed the -clippath functionality, added -define support, improved color profile support, and re-wrote the PS3 coder.

Rolf Schroedter

Principal author of TclMagick.

David N. Welton

Co-author of TclMagick, particularly in the Unix environment.

Mark Mitchell

Contributed a new design for the web pages, including the formatting scripts, and converted many pages to the new format.

Richard Nolde

Contributed code for converting between native floating point types, and short (16/24) bit float types.

Clément Follet

Contributed Hald CLUT and ASC-CDL implementations.

John Sergeant

Re-wrote the HP PCL writer to work much better, including support for compression. Implemented support for CALS type 1 format. Re-wrote the DICOM reader.

Roberto de Deus Barbosa Murta

Contributed the adaptive threshold implementation (-lat), which executes in linear rather than quadratic time.

Samuel Thibault

Contributed support for the Braille image format.

Other Contributors (via ImageMagick)

John Cristy

Creator, principal author, and principal maintainer of ImageMagick, from which GraphicsMagick is originally derived (from ImageMagick 5.5.2). Also the author of the Wand API to ImageMagick which is incorporated as a stand-alone library by GraphicsMagick.

Kelly Bergougnoux

Authored the initial Cineon coder (which has since been replaced).

Christopher R. Hawks

Authored the PALM coder.

Francis J. Franklin

Ported the WMF coder to the libwmf 0.2 API.

Rick Mabry

Contributed code to support filling drawn objects using a pattern image.

Nathan Brown

Original author of the JP2 coder.

Kyle Shorter

Original author of PerlMagick. Original author of the LOCALE coder.

Markus Friedl

Original author of Base64 encode/decode sources.

David Harr

Contributed (with Leonard Rosenthol) dash pattern, linecap stroking algorithm, and minor rendering improvements.

Troy Edwards

Authored the source RPM spec file for GraphicsMagick.

Milan Votava

Contributed support for Wireless BitMap, used in WAP - Wireless Access Protocol.

Mike Edmonds

Contributed the median filter algorithm.

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