Contributing to GraphicsMagick

The future and success of GraphicsMagick depends on your contributions. By contributing to GraphicsMagick you will benefit from the features/fixes you contribute, can take pride in taking part in the development of a quality product, and you can tell your friends that you contribute to the GraphicsMagick project.

There are a number of ways you can contribute:

Regardless of how you choose to contribute, your contributions will be treated with the respect and value that they deserve.

Becoming a member of the GraphicsMagick Group requires a majority vote from existing members. Your chances of being admitted to the group are increased significantly if you have a proven track-record of success on other open source projects, are a recognized expert in the field, or have already demonstrated your capabilities and commitment by contributing to the project in other ways. Please contact Bob Friesenhahn <> in order to be considered for group membership.

Areas To Contribute

The following are areas where significant contributions may be made to the GraphicsMagick project:

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