GraphicsMagick Thanks

We would like to thank the following organizations or individuals who may have not contributed code but contributed substantially in other ways:

Project Hosting

Fuzz Testing

  • Gustavo Grieco

  • Agostino Sarubbo

  • Jodie Cunningham

  • Gynvael Coldwind and Mateusz Jurczyk of the Google Security Team

  • Hanno Böck

  • Tobias Ospelt

  • Michal Zalewski

  • Moshe Kaplan

Security Analysis/Reports

  • John Lightsey

  • David Chan

  • Federico Larumbe

  • Petr Gajdos

Static Code Analysis

  • Coverity was used (free of charge) to perform static code analysis of the software. After resolving many issues, there are now zero reported defects per 1000 lines of code.

Software Analysis Tools

  • American fuzzy lop was used (by many) to produce and discover many of the files which caused problems for the software.

  • QuickFuzz was used (by Gustavo Grieco) to discover issues in the SVG renderer. QuickFuzz provides specific support for a set of file formats and is very good at chasing down and isolating weaknesses.

  • AddressSanitizer (ASan) was used to detect and isolate memory access issues.

  • Valgrind was used to detect and isolate memory access issues as well as memory leaks.

Additional Acknowledgements

David Pensak, E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company

For providing the computing environment that made developing ImageMagick possible.

Alexander Zimmermann

Responsible for the ImageMagick Linux binary distributions for many years. His efforts are very much appreciated.

Paul Heckbert, Carnegie Mellon University

Image resizing is based on Paul Heckbert's Zoom program.

Paul Raveling, USC Information Sciences Institute

The spatial subdivision color reduction algorithm is based on his Img software.

Michael Halle, Spatial Imaging Group at MIT

For the initial implementation of Alan Paeth's image rotation algorithm.

Peder Langlo, Hewlett Packard

Made hundreds of suggestions and bug reports. Without Peder, this software would not be nearly as useful as it is today.

Rod Bogart and John W. Peterson, University of Utah

Image compositing is loosely based on rlecomp of the Utah Raster Toolkit.

Alvy Ray Smith and Eric Ray Lyons

HWB color transform and algorithm.

Thomas R Crimmins

Inventor of the eight hull algorithm used for speckle reduction.

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